Christmas wishes from Bluegem

  With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to ask, ‘where has this year gone?’ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2018 and, along with the whole team at Bluegem I look forward to supporting you and your team as we move into 2019. Each year in lieu of Christmas Cards, Bluegem makes a donation to a worthy charity. This year we have made donations to two charities, RSPCA and the Dog Refuge ...

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Bluegem Release – AVETMISS 8 and RAPT 3.1 Compliant RTO Software

Release Overview This Release note provides information on areas in Bluegem that have significant changes, improvements, new features and technical updates. A brief description on each change is listed under the item heading. Additional information will be available in the User Manuals. Each client will be advised of their update date prior to the release through a Resolve ticket. 

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VET FEE-HELP morphs into VET Student Loans

There’s a reason our VET FEE-HELP (VET Student Loan) providers love using Bluegem. 

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2016 National VET Conference – Our Roadmap

We are very excited to show you our new and improved Bluegem editions. We’ve made massive strides this year and we hope you’ll like the changes. Key changes include: faster response time, more flexibility, user-configurable dashboards, easier to use, comprehensive invoicing, full integration with Xero, better CRICOS and VET FEE-HELP tools… The list goes on. 

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Maybe they're not ALL 'rogue' VET FEE Help and CRICOS Providers

  Could inadequate systems be at least partly responsible for creating so called ‘rogue’ VET FEE HELP and CRICOS Providers? VET FEE Help and CRICOS providers have had a pretty rough time in the press recently. Practices that entice unsuitable candidates to enroll into courses they are unlikely to complete are unforgivable. But this article explores how and why relatively innocent providers who fell into inadequate student management ...

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Bluegem delivers Training to RP Learn

Yesterday we provided BluegemEXPLORE admin level training for the admin team of RPL. The team received training in curriculum management, set-up and config, scheduling, enrolments from front and back end, resulting, certification and compliance reporting for ASQA and TAC. The Proprietor was very happy and impressed to see the improvements and changes and loved the new system. She felt the training was fantastic - Great Session.  

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Bluegem and the SNR Standards for RTOs 2015

During demos and presentations we are frequently asked how BluegemEXPLORE TMS maps to the standards. The following demonstrates how BluegemEXPLORE supports our clients in meeting their obligations against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015

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  Version: Updated 11 February 2013 What is a Training Matrix? The main purpose of a Training Matrix is to plan the alignment of employee skills against the skill / role requirement and then track their Training Plan in order to achieve full competency.

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New AVETMISS USI Compliant Student Management System Update - Product Announcement

BluegemEXPLORE® 2013 Featuring Microsoft “Metro” Look CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT Monday, July 29, 2013   Bluegem is delighted to announce the release of our BluegemEXPLORE® 2013. For well over a year of development, testing and finessing we are ready to start launching… BluegemEXPLORE® 2013.

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What is a Student Records Management System (SMS)

Over the past 2 decades I’ve learned to anticipate the inevitable question “what’s a Student Management System?” Here’s how I’ve learned to reply without getting into the technical details about: the VET Sector, ASQA, AQTF, AVETMISS, and CRICOS. Years ago everything was planned and tracked on a set of spread sheets and ledgers that you would probably never have seen. These days schools, colleges, universities, and registered training ...

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