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New RTO? - 7 points to look for when considering RTO Software

Finding a good system for your new RTO is a great way to establish your edge, while at the same time reducing your operating costs. Here are some customer experiences that you may find useful.

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The Real Benefit of Attending This Year's National VET Conference in Adelaide

If you’re like me you’ve probably been wondering “what can I expect this year from the NVC? What’s going to make it worth my while travelling to Adelaide and sitting through 3 days of workshops and endless cups of coffee?”  Well, if compliance and standards are your thing, you’ll probably be looking forward to learning what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s been fixed.

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Who Needs a Training Management System?

 Any organisation that delivers training and has a responsibility to create and maintain training records for its students or employees needs a Training Management System.

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Advantages of the Right Training Management System: for your Boss

Is it just too hard to persuade your boss you’ve found the right training management system? As the expert in learning management, you may really like one learning management system over another, but does what you like make sense for the business as a whole? Does your boss agree? This article demonstrates how organisations like yours can analyse the pros and cons of introducing a TMS and hopefully give you the ammunition you need to ...

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LMS Customisation - What does it Really Cost?

Development costs to customise your LMS can be high. But it doesn’t stop there... If you thought the bill for development and test was expensive, just wait till you add the cost of maintaining and supporting your custom changes. On average, a software company will charge somewhere between 20 to 30% of the original development cost each year for the life of the product.

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15 Benefits the Right TMS Will Bring to your Organisation

In a competitive market where businesses and individuals constantly strive to identify value, having a workforce which is trained, competent and confident in what they do is an enviable business advantage.

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A-Grade LMS solutions for developing an SME Workforce | Bluegem

There's no good reason why your small to medium business can't enjoy the same benefits of effective workforce planning and development that your biggest competitors can access.

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Face to face training - RIP

"Online training doesn't work in our industry. Just a waste of time. How do you expect people to learn how to be a bricklayer watching cartoons on their iPad. Face to face training is the only thing that works."

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Corporate Training Software - 70:20:10 great in theory, but how does it work?

This blog relates to corporate training software for learning and development. It provides practical tips on how to implement 70:20:10 in your environment. As an introduction, there are 3 reasons I like this article by Ryan Tracey: Provoking Deeper Thinking

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What is an AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System?

AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System

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