Bruno Cozzi

Bruno Cozzi

Bruno Cozzi is the Managing Director of innovative training and learning management systems development company, Bluegem Software. He is one of Australia’s leading specialists in Training Management Systems. With many years dedicated to technical management, business analysis and high quality software solutions, he leads a happy and vibrant hub of intelligent creative professionals, aching to continue to prove they are the best at what they do.

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Teamwork is critical to successful LMS adoption

Only the most trivial learning management system used in very small organisations can really be owned and run by one person. In most cases, several stakeholders could be involved. Our support team usually knows when our customer teams aren’t working together. We can hear their frustration in support tickets, responses to invoices and during training. Ineffective teams blame each other, the system, the last vendor, the current vendor. ...

The Simplified 5-Step LMS Buyers Guide


The top 5 concerns for learners using your LMS


3 Reasons why every LMS needs a good API.

Today, no self-respecting software vendor would even consider starting a new online service without an API. An Application Program Interface (API) is like the internet for online services. It enables applications to communicate with each other, transparently sharing and managing mission critical information 24-7. A good learning management system (LMS) needs this capability just as much, if not more than any other online service. 

Australian International Student market – a new approach

To-date, we Student Management System (SMS) vendors have tried to make the system do everything CRICOS providers want; for the same price as a conventional non-CRICOS system. But CRICOS requirements are much more difficult and system requirements vary significantly from one provider to the next. In fact, if vendors charged the full cost of developing and maintaining a flexible and compliant CRICOS system its doubtful any provider would ...

7 Tips for a more profitable RTO in the Post-pandemic Era

Its no surprise that the demand for online and virtual classroom learning has dramatically increased with lockdown and quarantine. What is less certain is 'how long this trend is likely to continue'. Most experts agree that we're seeing changes that are likely to be with us forever.  

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Managed Services for training organisations


The Complete LMS for Today's Fire and Rescue Training

Bluegem ALERT is a complete LMS for Fire and Emergency Training Management. It is the latest edition in the Bluegem product suite of LMS solutions. ALERT is everything you expect in an enterprise Learning Management System, PLUS all the features and capabilities you expect in an LMS designed for firefighting and emergency services.

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Enterprise Training for a Remote Workforce

If there's one thing we've learned from the COVID-19 experience it's that corporations need to be prepared with an effective teleworker strategy. Organisations that were able to transition quickly to remote working were able to maintain business as usual, and minimise the crippling effects on the economy, caused by the pandemic. Looking forward, we explore what that means for workforce planning and development post-COVID 19.

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Post COVID 19 Technologies for RTOs

Despite its devastating effects across the world, the COVID-19 experience has led us to form many good habits. Many will stay with us forever. Among these are the use of convenient technologies that help to integrate physical, virtual and online training. Many of our customers now schedule classrooms that support both physical and virtual attendance. More of their courses are now available face to face and online. Students can enrol, ...

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