The Complete LMS for Today's Fire and Rescue Training

Posted by Bruno Cozzi on 02/06/2021

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Bluegem ALERT is a complete LMS for Fire and Emergency Training Management.

It is the latest edition in the Bluegem product suite of LMS solutions. ALERT is everything you expect in an enterprise Learning Management System, PLUS all the features and capabilities you expect in an LMS designed for firefighting and emergency services.

If you manage and coordinate training and accreditation for career and volunteer firefighters you’ll love Bluegem ALERT.

We’ve captured the experience and know-how of the most senior firefighters in high-performing agencies and compiled them into a new LMS. It has all the traditional features you’d expect in a high quality enterprise LMS, plus all the features you need as a firefighting service.

LMS for Fire and Emergency Training - KEY FEATURES

  • Develop a capability framework that’s right for your agency and your model of fire cover
  • Assess and plan workforce capability and capacity that maps to your model of fire cover
  • Develop career pathways for firefigters that incorporate experience and deployment activity
  • Individual Emergency Role Development Plans (ERDPs) for aspirational and currency maintenance
  • Schedule flexible training events, assessment, validation and endorsement easily
  • Book course by nomination, enrolment, auto-enrolment and wait-listing
  • Approval levels by district, regional and state / county officers and coordinators
  • Organise training and accreditation for career and volunteer firefighters
  • Organise your capability framework within departmental and geographical structures
  • Supports:  State/County, Regions, Districts, Brigades, Workcentres, Shifts
  • Integrate lpartner organisations and agencies with separate and shared information
  • Plan training, workshops, PD and assessments around shifts & operational calendars
  • Comprehensive API for Incident Reporting, Resource Management, HR, EDMS, Active Directory
  • Online, face to face and blended leaning modes with  SCORM and xAPI compliance
  • Online registration and payments for charged training events
  • Optimised and configurable user portals
  • Build your own: Reports, Microsoft Power BI Dashboards, Certificate Templates, and Email Templates
  • Comprehensive Resource Library, Timetable Planner and Resource and Task Planner
  • Includes 100’s of workflows for any Learning and Development scenario.
  • For Australian RTOs – Fully compliant with ALL RTO reporting standards: AVETMISS / USI

As you would expect, todays career and volunteer firefighters must be trained in the traditional skills of the trade. But applying those skills in the modern workplace and during real live incidents requires new skills in digital communications, the use of new equipment like exoskeleton suits, artificaial intelligence driven firefighting robots, remote controled drones for eye-in-the-sky perspectives and advances in thermal imaging. These advances are welcome additions to every firefighters arsenal. They help to save lives. But they are complex systems that require the require trainig. 

Bluegem ALERT is well equiped to help agencies and fire departments future-proof and maintain the high levels of training and accreditation needed to keep our communities safe.

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