Bluegem and the SNR Standards for RTOs 2015

Posted by Bruno Cozzi on 17/04/2015

Bluegem and the SNR Standards for RTOs 2015

During demos and presentations we are frequently asked how BluegemEXPLORE TMS maps to the standards. The following demonstrates how BluegemEXPLORE supports our clients in meeting their obligations against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015

For training providers regulated by ASQA nationally, rest assured that your Bluegem TMS supports regulatory compliance requirements in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015.

The Bluegem TMS supports regulatory compliance across the standards including;

 Standard One

The RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices are responsive to industry and learner needs and meet the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses.

BluegemEXPLORE (BGEX) includes a library which RTOs can use as a Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS can be used to store Training and Assessment Strategy, compliance and quality documents, policies and procedures that clearly explain how the RTO meets this and other standards. Version and Change Management controls are provided to ensure the RTO can schedule and track transitions from superseded training packages and training components.

BGEX provides a flexible delivery model that implements the RTO's Training and Assessment Strategy and demonstrates clear mapping to the AQF training packages.

BGEX has an interface with (TGA) which enables RTOs to import the latest training packages. The AQF defines qualification and units of competency that are directly related to the learning and development requirements for learners, employers and industry.

BGEX provides a comprehensive suite of portals and feedback tools enabling learners, employers and staff to participate in the process of continuous ongoing improvement.

BGEX provides a Staff Qualifications Register (SQR) that identifies, capabilities, teaching and vocational qualifications, professional development, experience, performance reviews, and links to a library folder containing certificates and evidence.

BGEX provides an Assessment library that enables the RTO to create and associate any number of assessments and student activities to courses and to individual learners. Assessments are online, blended and face-to-face and capture all important results, dates and progress to clearly record and track learner competency and engagement. Assessments can also be integrated with Cloud Assess to provide modern and efficient learner and assessor interfaces that comply with all the elements and standards for Assessment.

BluegemEXPLORE 2015 is compliant to the latest AVETMISS, VET-FEE HELP, VSN, RAPT and USI standards 

Standard Two

The operations of the RTO are quality assured.

BluegemEXPLORE (BGEX) includes a library which RTOs can use as a Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS can be used to store Quality Assurance Strategies, documents and agreements with third parties and continuous review and assessment reports for those arrangements.

BGEX assists your RTO operations to meet quality indicator requirements. Providers use their resources efficiently by systematically measuring their actions against stakeholder expectations.

The library can be used in conjunction with the task scheduler in the BluegemEXPLORE Resource Planner module to schedule, record and follow-up quality assessment reviews that measure the effectiveness of the Training and Assessment strategies.

Trainer and Assessor feedback uses the same feedback tools available to learners and employers, thereby integrating feedback into a holistic continuous improvement strategy. Trainers and Assessors have access to a Trainer and Assessor portal to facilitate this process.

Quality Indicator data is provided through the the compliance module as specified in the Data Provisions Requirements. They include learner engagement and employer satisfaction surveys collected in the classroom and scanned into BGEX or via an online survey for such as AQIS. CCOS and Total Vet Activity (TVA) reporting is achieved through CCOS, CQR, and AVETMISS reporting.

The feedback tool available to all stakeholders is also used to manage complaints and appeals.

 Standard Three

The RTO issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in accordance with these Standards and provides access to learner records.

BluegemEXPLORE (BGEX) provides a comprehensive tool for design and issue of certificates that comply with the AQF. AQF Certificate templates can be customised to the RTOs requirements at all levels of Qualifications, Skill Sets and Courses (Programs). They include Certificate, Statement of Attainment, Record of Results (testamurs) and many non AQF formats that are common in the industry. Issued certificates are captured in a comprehensive register, can be issued in bulk or individually. A copy is retained in the Learner's library folder. Any certificate can be reissued with an issue count number, or faithfully reprinted from the original. Certificate templates allow for printing on to quality controlled pre-printed paper or on to plain paper including all graphics unique identifier (Cert Number) and watermarks.

Learners, employers and industry can engage with BGEX through formal training plans that capture a complete record of all training and progress from planning and agreement through to completion and issue of certificates.

RTOs may accept and record certificates from other RTOs and store the pertinent details in the Certificate Register along with details of the external training and assessment processes as external training.

Recognition of prior learning, current competencies and credits for previous learning are managed as special types of assessments and flagged in the system accordingly for training results and compliance reporting, e.g. AVETMISS. Any evidence gathered as part of those assessments can be recorded in the students library folder.

 Standard Four

Accurate and accessible information about an RTO, its services and performance is available to inform prospective and current learners and clients.

BluegemEXPLORE(BGEX) provides a set of public pages on a training specific website where the RTO can make and state claims relating to its products and services, terms and conditions, privacy statement, and course offerings. The RTO is responsible for ensuring that the information presented on these pages is accurate, complete and verifiable.

Portals made available as a set of web pages to existing learners and employers inherits this information but provides additional space to market and effectively disseminate true and accurate information about the RTO.

USI web service authenticates RTOs against ABN and Provider number. The Provider number is stored on the TGA website. Bluegem implements all methods of the USI web service, ensuring that the RTO is appropriately registered on the TGA website.

In summary, a platform to present transparent and accurate information by a provider, specifically marketing and RTO services are made available to potential and enrolled learners to promote informed decisions. Providers benefit from fair competition in the market, knowing they are operating in a level playing field.

 Standard Five

Each learner is properly informed and protected

The enrolment and nomination processes enable the RTO to extend public information presented on the Training Management website to course information, about the RTO information, details of the products and services provided, any forms required prior to or during enrolment, terms and conditions, access to complain and appeal, etc... can be provided as an attachment to the enrolment confirmation message that is sent by email and can be accessed at any time through learner and employer portals.

A workflow and task manager ensures that messaging to keep students up to date with progress and changes is provided and fully supported through BGEX

Learners, Employers and the RTO engage and agree outcomes through formal training plans which then become complete and formal records of the process.

Invoices and Payment are accepted either in traditional formats or online via the portal. Bluegem uses only secure compliant payment gateway (eWay, Nab and PayPal) for online payments. All payments are tracked and status, amounts and dates are made available to stakeholders either directly through the TMS or an integrated accounting system such as Xero, MYOB or enterprise Billing solutions.

 Standard Six

Complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively.

A solution providing learners with a portal to provide feedback. Providers that manage complaints and appeals will benefit from increased satisfaction of learners

 Standard Seven

The RTO has effective governance and administration arrangements in place.

Providers with robust administration arrangements in place can maintain business viability and good governance through the BGEX Library > QMS.

Bluegem provides the tools and a Library that can be used to manage the planning, review and reporting of an effective governance and administration model as part of the Quality Management System using appropriate folders in the RTO section of the Library. Reviews and related meetings can be scheduled as tasks in the Resource Planner.

 Standard Eight

The RTO cooperates with the VET Regulator and is legally compliant at all times.

The Bluegem TMS solution provides robust and accurate reporting in accordance with AVETMISS and data provision requirements.

Schedule Five

The Bluegem TMS solution supports training providers to maintain compliance with schedule 5; Application of the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy within the VET Sector. Where RTOs must meet the requirements of the AQF for issuing AQF qualifications and statements of attainment, the TMS allows administrators to certify learners and for learners completing eLearning, the ability to print their own certificate. Bluegem standard functionality includes maintaining registers of all statements of attainments issued, retention records of statements of attainment issued for a period of 30 years, and reporting of training records of statements of attainment provided by your business to the VET Regulator on a regular basis.

 Schedule Six 

Training providers are required to ensure that learner fees are protected. The Bluegem TMS solution provides functionality as standard to supports training providers in protecting fees prepaid by individual learners or prospective learners for training services and extends to reporting of these to meet regulatory reporting according to both national and state specific funding needs.


The key changes relate to:

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