New AVETMISS USI Compliant Student Management System Update - Product Announcement

Posted by Bruno Cozzi on 02/08/2013

New AVETMISS USI Compliant Student Management System Update - Product Announcement

BluegemEXPLORE® 2013

Featuring Microsoft “Metro” Look

CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT Monday, July 29, 2013


Bluegem is delighted to announce the release of our BluegemEXPLORE® 2013. For well over a year of development, testing and finessing we are ready to start launching… BluegemEXPLORE® 2013.

 This is what one RTO had to say at the Training Forum WA recently:

“Thank you Bluegem and thank you for giving me a sneak preview….I love it, love it……can’t wait to get my hot little hands on the new system, it really does look amazing!  Thank you”

We will be doing presentations over the next week choose a time please confirm which date you will be attending:

[unordered_list style="tick"]

  • Western Australia Wednesday 7 August @ 1100
  • Western Australia Thursday 8 August @ 2pm
  • East Coast Wednesday 7 August @ 3pm AEST
  • East Coast Thursday 8 August @ 1100 AEST


If a time doesn’t suit please contact

Login to a presentation:

  1. URL web address will be provided
  2. as you will be entering as a guest insert “your company name”
  3. have a pair of headphones available
  4. Insert any questions in the note field to the right of the screen.

Do I have to pay for the Upgrade?

As per contracts all clients receive all updates but Upgrades are at a cost however for all our loyal customers we are providing the Upgrade at no additional cost to you. Once the transfer window has occurred the standard Bluegem Edition will not be supported.

What will happen?

  1. You will be notified of time and date of the upgrade
  2. Your database will be backed up
  3. Any specific changes to your SMS will be adhered to
  4.  You will be given the USI feature in this edition


Will we receive training?

  1. Yes you will receive a 2 hour training session – FREE
  2.  We will be setting up training sessions for all states in groups.
  3. Please forward any questions to


Figure 1 Home Page - single login



Figure 2 Admin Dashboard - jump points


We are excited to show you the many features and new improvements..

Best Wishes

Lynne & Bruno Cozzi


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