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Online Assessment In the VET Sector

  I'm not sure how many of our group members are involved in the Australian VET Sector, but if you are, you would know that one of the many challenges we face is 'how to ensure that certificates and statements of attainment (SoAs) for students assessed online are being awarded to the right people?'

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What SMS features do you expect in 2016

  Last weekend Lynne and I went to see the movie "The Big Short". If you haven't seen it I won't tell you the plot. Basically, it takes place in New York prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis and focuses on the events leading up to it. A few wise realists saw the writing on the wall and predicted that the high risk unregulated housing market in the US was headed for disaster. After the movie we remembered how Australia came out of it ...

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Empowering your RTO With a Little Help From Microsoft

We all know what 'streamlining' means. We all aspire to the principles. So my goal here is not to get on my soap box and deliver the gospel according to Microsoft. For the purpose of this article I'm going to take it as 'read' that your RTO wants the benefits of an integrated solution with minimal duplication, minimal risk of data entry errors, accurate - fast - and reliable business processing, etc.... As we've come to learn from so ...

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Bluegem delivers Training to RP Learn

Yesterday we provided BluegemEXPLORE admin level training for the admin team of RPL. The team received training in curriculum management, set-up and config, scheduling, enrolments from front and back end, resulting, certification and compliance reporting for ASQA and TAC. The Proprietor was very happy and impressed to see the improvements and changes and loved the new system. She felt the training was fantastic - Great Session.  

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Beware Foreign SMS Providers Bearing Australian VET Gifts

Now I cant say 100 percent that these SMS Vendors are incapable of supplying SMS solutions that fully comply with the VET sector reporting requirements, and I must preface this discussion by stating that it is an opinion based on theories and suppositions. At this point, there is no real evidence to support them. However, given the size, difficulty and potential returns of the Australian VET Sector I would doubt that any serious ...

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Bluegem and the SNR Standards for RTOs 2015

During demos and presentations we are frequently asked how BluegemEXPLORE TMS maps to the standards. The following demonstrates how BluegemEXPLORE supports our clients in meeting their obligations against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015

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BluegemEXPLORE 2015 Enterprise Edition | LMS - Integration Services

 Overview Your enterprise most probably employs well-established business systems that you and everyone else in your organisation have grown to depend on. You would understandably be unreceptive to the prospect of having to replace those systems in order to adopt a new training and development software system. That's why Bluegem is the right solution for you on three levels:

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CRM Built-In Capabilities and Integration

Many RTOs on meeting BluegemEXPLORE for the first time ask the question: does BluegemEXPLORE have CRM capability? Usually this translates to: we need to maintain contact details, capture correspondence history and access customer activity, not only for active students but also for prospective and former students. If these are your requirements that you'll be pleasantly surprised with the built-in CRM capabilities BluegemEXPLORE has on ...

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USI Updated and Ready for 2015

As everyone in the VET sector fully understands by now, the USI is in force and RTOs have been instructed to voluntarily embrace the new world order. Hopefully the benefits of USI can be realised and everyone should see some marked improvements in processing enrolments and registrations. At least that's the theory.

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MYOB Integration

Hi Bruno I would like to congratulate you and the team on the operation of the MYOBSYNC programme. The detailed reports are excellent and any errors can easily be identified and corrected. The ability to reset the date is an excellent improvement enabling us to run the sync again if necessary. Again, well done to all concerned! Kind regards Mark

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