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Client: Real Estate Training Company (QLD)

The Situation 

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Client: Security Training Provider (VIC)

Prior Situation: RTO delivering entry point and specialist training to agencies and individuals.

Topics: Case Studies

Achieving Flexibility, Longevity, Reliability and Balance in Your RTO

The attributes of a yogi or a dancer, you might say. But aren’t they the same attributes we strive to achieve in our business? Bluegem SMS |  TMS | LMS balances the needs of your organisation with a complete solution that is easy to use. The end result is platform that delivers:

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Client: First Aid Training Provider (VIC)

Prior Situation:  New business & new RTO, needed a complete new business management system.

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Straight forward easy to use RTO software


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Client: Victorian Government agency with 70,000 users


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Client: International Shipping Company (WA)

Prior Situation:  In 2010, the shipping company installed world’s most advanced simulated training facility for Ship Captains.

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RTO Software that expresses the unique personality of your business

Read this before making deciding to design and develop your own RTO Software solution. Achieving the right balance of functionality and personality that define your business doesn't have to be a risky and expensive affair. We've become pretty used to the idea that custom designed anything is bound to be too risky and too expensive. But it doesn't have to be.  

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Creating Web Friendly Searchable Docs with MS Word Blog Posts

There are many situations where it makes sense to offer your audience a suite of web-friendly documents that are easy to create, publish and edit. Wouldn't it be great if you could continue using the tool that is familiar to both you and your audience, e.g. MS Word? Let's say you wanted to distribute a set of user manuals, or how-to guides for your product or service. It would be great if you could simply use your most productive ...

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VET FEE-HELP morphs into VET Student Loans

There’s a reason our VET FEE-HELP (VET Student Loan) providers love using Bluegem. 

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