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Corporate Training Software - 70:20:10 great in theory, but how does it work?

This blog relates to corporate training software for learning and development. It provides practical tips on how to implement 70:20:10 in your environment. As an introduction, there are 3 reasons I like this article by Ryan Tracey: Provoking Deeper Thinking

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Student Management System - AVETMISS and USI Compliant

What you desire in a technology partner is a vendor that will develop and support solutions that make your life easier, enabling you to get on with the important job of delivering vitally needed skills training and qualifications.

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Client: Australian Employment Covenant

The Australian Employment Covenant’s Fifty Thousand Jobs Campaign was initiated by Andrew Forrest (CEO, Fortescue metals Group). The campaign was set up in order to assist Indigenous Australians to find effective long term employment with a suitable employer or vocational training. In order to allow employers to communicate employment opportunities, the AEC required an all-encompassing system tool.

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Upgrading your Student Management System? You must consider data migration

One of the main issues RTOs face when looking to adopt a new and hopefully, better student management system is the dreaded ‘data migration’ phase. Let’s face it, if you’re an established RTO you probably have years’ of student records that you’re obliged to keep. Now you need to migrate them to a new student management system. Naturally you’ll have questions.

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What should you expect from your training management system?

The workhorse that assists you everyday to manage: courses, schedules, enrolment, student records, certificates, compliance and so much more, needs to be dependable and trustworthy. That's what you get from Bluegem.

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Learning Management Solutions that enable SMEs to develop A-Grade Workforces


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Client: National Security Training Provider

The client is an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering industry entry point and specialist training to agencies and individuals across multiple states.  In order to deliver Security Officer and a necessary Online Training Course, the organisation required a complex yet user friendly TMS.

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Client: Major Utility Service Provider (WA)

The client is an electrical utilities service provider with staff and contractors exceeding 10,000 people. When the client first encountered Bluegem, they were in need of an overhaul of their current inefficient and time-consuming Training Management System.

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Flexible Integrated eLearning

Integrating eLearning into a holistic training environment could deliver valuable new and convenient options to any training organisation. If you’re a private RTO accepting fee-for-service bookings this could potentially generate a new revenue stream for your business with minimal upfront cost. If you're an Enterprise Training Organisation we don’t need to tell you how convenient it would be to have your busy staff members learning at ...

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Client: Business Improvement Training Provider (QLD)

Prior Situation: The client’s complex requirements for training delivery were not effective and not efficiently managed. With Bluegem: Client uses Bluegem’s online learning portal to deliver unique blend of services and online materials to corporate clients and their staff.

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