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What we’ve learned about RTO Administration – a vendor’s perspective

The job of an RTO administrator can’t be taken lightly. Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of administrators addressing their frustrations, knowledge of the VET Sector and expectations of how systems can help them do their job efficiently and accurately. I’ve found that there are many good administrators who know the VET Sector, thoroughly understand the student management processes, are clear about reporting standards and keep ...

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2016 National VET Conference – Our Roadmap

We are very excited to show you our new and improved Bluegem editions. We’ve made massive strides this year and we hope you’ll like the changes. Key changes include: faster response time, more flexibility, user-configurable dashboards, easier to use, comprehensive invoicing, full integration with Xero, better CRICOS and VET FEE-HELP tools… The list goes on. 

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The world has changed – so too must learning management

If you accept that learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught; then by association, learning management must be about facilitating learning processes and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. So in a world where once-stable platforms are shifting by the day, how does learning management need to change and adapt to a new environment?

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Are your Trainers and Assessors Fit and Proper People?

According to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTO 2015), all training providers must demonstrate that all their personnel have characteristics and principles necessary to ensure the delivery of high-quality services and outcomes for VET Graduates. Do your trainers and assessors work out? How do you track and evaluate the quality of the services they deliver. What sort of tools do you use to measure their ...

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It's budget time. Act NOW!

  The end of the financial year is fast approaching. NOW is the time to review and implement the best practice RTO solutions and processes, and include them into your 2016 expenses. Aside from being fully tax deductable, Bluegem offers a wide range of services including a flexible customisable solution for your RTO business.

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Maybe they're not ALL 'rogue' VET FEE Help and CRICOS Providers

  Could inadequate systems be at least partly responsible for creating so called ‘rogue’ VET FEE HELP and CRICOS Providers? VET FEE Help and CRICOS providers have had a pretty rough time in the press recently. Practices that entice unsuitable candidates to enroll into courses they are unlikely to complete are unforgivable. But this article explores how and why relatively innocent providers who fell into inadequate student management ...

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National VET Conference 2016

  The 2016 National VET Conference will be delivered over two days on the 15-16 September at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre through an exciting range of presentations, providing attendees the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of plenary and elective sessions. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at the National VET Conference. Bluegem is pleased to support the learning goals and the activities at the ...

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Everyone needs it, but how do you get it?

  Before you buy any new business software, it’s important to look beyond its features and ‘bells and whistles’.  You will want to understand how the product will work in your business, and just as importantly, understand the level of support you will get if you become a customer. Here are 10 Critical Questions to ask BEFORE YOU SIGN UP.  (It’s usually too late afterwards…)  

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Online Assessment In the VET Sector

  I'm not sure how many of our group members are involved in the Australian VET Sector, but if you are, you would know that one of the many challenges we face is 'how to ensure that certificates and statements of attainment (SoAs) for students assessed online are being awarded to the right people?'

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What SMS features do you expect in 2016

  Last weekend Lynne and I went to see the movie "The Big Short". If you haven't seen it I won't tell you the plot. Basically, it takes place in New York prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis and focuses on the events leading up to it. A few wise realists saw the writing on the wall and predicted that the high risk unregulated housing market in the US was headed for disaster. After the movie we remembered how Australia came out of it ...

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