BluegemEXPLORE Road Map 2012

Overview BluegemEXPLORE has continuously evolved since we commenced R&D on the product in 2004. Each year has brought new or improved features, bug fixes, compliance and technology updates. Since that time, the product has migrated from what was essentially a Lessons Learned Database (Captured Learning system) to a fully-compliant Student Management System meeting all the regulatory requirements stipulated by the Department of ...

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RTO Consultant

  Michelle Rogers Oz Training "We are based in the town of Kilmore in the heart of Victoria, we are proud to be a home based business that provides for flexibility in working conditions (why you catch me at home) as well as flexibility for our students.

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Bluegem Nominated as FINALISTS - 2010 WAITTA Awards

FINALIST Bluegem is proud to announce its nomination as finalist in the PRODUCT category of the 2010 WAITTA Awards. The nomination acknowledges BluegemEXPLORE TMS in several important categories.

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