Who Needs a Training Management System?

Posted by Bruno Cozzi on 08/08/2018

Corporate-training-management-system Any organisation that delivers training and has a responsibility to create and maintain training records for its students or employees needs a Training Management System.

If you provide training and you need to ensure your staff, suppliers, contractors or customers are trained in the standards that govern your industry or in the products and services you sell, consume or deliver then you probably need a Training Management System.

Registered Training Organisations

If you are an RTO or are planning to become one, you will be aware of the regulatory reporting requirements and standards that govern the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector.

In summary, you are required, as an absolute minimum to have installed and be able to demonstrate a system capable of generating and lodging accurate AVETMISS data. However, regulatory compliance goes well beyond just AVETMISS Reporting.

Ensuring your organisation is complying against the strict standard of SRTO 2015 needs to be a priority for not only you, but your software provider. For more information on how you can find a provider that will work to these standards, have a read of our blog TMS Features That Can Streamline and Automate SRTO 2015 Compliance.

Enterprise Training Organisations

If your department delivers training to your company’s staff, contractors, suppliers and customers, i.e. internal training, you’ll need software that thinks the way an enterprise does.

You’ll need a system that:

  1. Exchanges data easily and regularly with your existing business systems
  2. Understands your organisation chart and approval levels
  3. Caters for internal billing or journaling through work order numbers
  4. Profits from the convenience of online learning
  5. Provides comprehensive resource planning and management
  6. Offers active directory federated authentication
  7. Enables your organisation to build its own reports
  8. Capacity to expand functionality and provide data sets through API Integration
  9. Manage access through secure portals, role base and detailed permissions
  10. Can interface with your document management system
  11. Provides a solid foundation for content management

Whether you are an RTO or not, you will probably have your own specific set of compliance reporting and HR requirements. For your productivity, efficiency and peace-of-mind, you will want and need the sophistication, connectivity, reliability and security of a good Learning Management System.

So, what about security for web-based systems?

The internet is becoming a playground increasingly frequented by hackers and cyber-attacks. You need to ensure your TMS/LMS partner is up to speed and protecting you from these risks. Most importantly, insist on a completely secure site that applies SSL encryption and certificate to protect all pages in your site. Systems that offer clean secure isolation between people, roles, internet and intranet environments have generally taken security seriously.

In addition, the ability to login as either an internal user with an Active Directory account or an external user with a standards-based forms authentication gives you options around how to implement your TMS/LMS security.

Security is a hot topic when it comes to online training platforms, having to ensure sovereignty to protect user’s information with personal details such as profiles and banking information is critical.

Many corporate training platforms manage personal information from either their employees, external resources or company secrets, these need to be secured correctly to firstly not impose on any legislation, but more importantly, to not leak private details that could cause great harm to the people affected.

A good TMS/LMS provider will have a security policy in place to ensure confidence that your systems are protected in the most confidential manner.

With security being so prominent, it’s important as a training provider to read this blog, Safeguarding Your Student Data.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an RTO or a Corporate Training provider, you’ll need a Training, Student, Learning Management System that will successfully deliver on functionality and simplicity. This could mean different things for the respective industries.

Make sure you are choosing a training provider that will take into account your requirements and help you find the best solution possible, as well ensure the highest form of security is undertaken. For more information, have a read of our eBook ‘How to Choose the Right Training Management System’.

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