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How to implement a new LMS in your company

One of the most common objections I hear from L&D managers looking to adopt a new LMS is "It looks great. I can see the benefits, but how do we get it setup, with our data and get our people using it? We're all busy and don't have a lot of time to do all of this configuration."

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Why integrate billing and finance with your LMS?

In our experience, over 70% of LMS customers request that their finance and learning management systems be integrated. In fact, as integration requirements go financial system integration is second only to HR.

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AVETMISS Compliant Software Register - what does it really mean?

  The AVETMISS-compliant Software Register is considered the go-to starting point for any RTO looking to purchase a suitable student management system.

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When Off-the-shelf LMS software won't cut it

Your learning and development team have determined that none of the LMS solutions evaluated will meet the needs of your organisation. So you now have to pick the best of the bunch and make a decision to either customise it or integrate it with solutions that provide the missing bits. This article looks at what's involved in those choices and offers suggestions.

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LMS Lite - A simple yet engaging SCORM eLearning platform for workplace training

The LMS Lite is a simple yet comprehensive SCORM 1.2, Free-Text and face-to-face learning management platform that lets your courseware shine. Engage your learners and employees with this easy-to-use, fast, responsive and reliable platform. It supports all the popular SCORM authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Rise, iSpring, Captivate etc... to create and publish your content as SCORM 1.2 courses or modules. The ease with ...

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RTO Software Made Easy: Bluegem Features and Benefits

With 250,000 users worldwide, Bluegem is an innovative, complete and fully AVETMISS compliant RTO Software Made Easy.

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Corporate Training - 7 things your L&D System must consider

A poor workman always blames his tools... But what if the workman is right? What if his tools really are the reason the worker can't get the outstanding results his customer or his boss expects? And what if that workman didn't have the luxury of choosing those tools.

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SCORM Authoring for Enterprise L&D - how to mark and complete your employee training.

The most widely used SCORM standard in Enterprise Learning & Development is still SCORM 1.2. Even though it is now over 16 years old, SCORM 1.2 still does the key things an Enterprise L&D expects from a learning platform. That doesn't mean the later standards are insignificant improvements on SCORM 1.2. It just means that most L&D requirements don't need those improvements. So, for this article I'll address the SCORM 1.2 concerns.

Empowering your RTO With a Little Help From Microsoft

We all know what 'streamlining' means. We all aspire to the principles. So my goal here is not to get on my soapbox and deliver the gospel according to Microsoft. For the purpose of this article I'm going to take it as 'read' that your RTO wants the benefits of an integrated solution with minimal duplication, minimal risk of data entry errors, accurate - fast - and reliable business processing, etc.... As we've come to learn from so ...

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The Number One Reason People Abandon RTO Software. Lack Of Support

  Before you buy any new business software, it’s important to look beyond its features and ‘bells and whistles’.  You will want to understand how the product will work in your business, and just as importantly, understand the level of support you will get if you become a customer. Here are 10 Critical Questions to ask BEFORE YOU SIGN UP.  (It’s usually too late afterwards…)

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