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The world has changed – so too must learning management

If you accept that learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught; then by association, learning management must be about facilitating learning processes and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. So in a world where once-stable platforms are shifting by the day, how does learning management need to change and adapt to a new environment?

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It's budget time. Act NOW!

  The end of the financial year is fast approaching. NOW is the time to review and implement the best practice RTO solutions and processes, and include them into your 2016 expenses. Aside from being fully tax deductable, Bluegem offers a wide range of services including a flexible customisable solution for your RTO business.

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BluegemEXPLORE 2015 Enterprise Edition | LMS - Integration Services

 Overview Your enterprise most probably employs well-established business systems that you and everyone else in your organisation have grown to depend on. You would understandably be unreceptive to the prospect of having to replace those systems in order to adopt a new training and development software system. That's why Bluegem is the right solution for you on three levels:

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CRM Built-In Capabilities and Integration

Many RTOs on meeting BluegemEXPLORE for the first time ask the question: does BluegemEXPLORE have CRM capability? Usually this translates to: we need to maintain contact details, capture correspondence history and access customer activity, not only for active students but also for prospective and former students. If these are your requirements that you'll be pleasantly surprised with the built-in CRM capabilities BluegemEXPLORE has on ...

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New AVETMISS USI Compliant Student Management System Update - Product Announcement

BluegemEXPLORE® 2013 Featuring Microsoft “Metro” Look CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT Monday, July 29, 2013   Bluegem is delighted to announce the release of our BluegemEXPLORE® 2013. For well over a year of development, testing and finessing we are ready to start launching… BluegemEXPLORE® 2013.

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What is a Student Records Management System (SMS)

Over the past 2 decades I’ve learned to anticipate the inevitable question “what’s a Student Management System?” Here’s how I’ve learned to reply without getting into the technical details about: the VET Sector, ASQA, AQTF, AVETMISS, and CRICOS. Years ago everything was planned and tracked on a set of spread sheets and ledgers that you would probably never have seen. These days schools, colleges, universities, and registered training ...

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The Road to the Smart Workforce

Your business has changed over the last 5 years. Change as a business grows is all part of the development process. This is bought about by many factors including market conditions, new innovation and products or ever changing employment influences.

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