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CRM Built-In Capabilities and Integration

Many RTOs on meeting BluegemEXPLORE for the first time ask the question: does BluegemEXPLORE have CRM capability? Usually this translates to: we need to maintain contact details, capture correspondence history and access customer activity, not only for active students but also for prospective and former students. If these are your requirements that you'll be pleasantly surprised with the built-in CRM capabilities BluegemEXPLORE has on ...

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MYOB Integration

Hi Bruno I would like to congratulate you and the team on the operation of the MYOBSYNC programme. The detailed reports are excellent and any errors can easily be identified and corrected. The ability to reset the date is an excellent improvement enabling us to run the sync again if necessary. Again, well done to all concerned! Kind regards Mark

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Training Forum WA_ Bluegem Booth 30

BLUEGEM TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM One Holistic Web Based RAPT & AVETMISS 7 COMPLIANT SYSTEM Training Forum WA - BOOTH 30 Come join us for a chat! Bluegem is a proudly owned WA locally grown business that supports RTO’s, Training Providers and Enterprise RTO’s for well over a decade support in Western Australia. We understand the WA market and since early 2000 we have provided best-of-the-bunch Compliant RTO solutions, integrated with ...

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What is a Student Records Management System (SMS)

Over the past 2 decades I’ve learned to anticipate the inevitable question “what’s a Student Management System?” Here’s how I’ve learned to reply without getting into the technical details about: the VET Sector, ASQA, AQTF, AVETMISS, and CRICOS. Years ago everything was planned and tracked on a set of spread sheets and ledgers that you would probably never have seen. These days schools, colleges, universities, and registered training ...

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An end to bitsy SMS software

One of the main reason RTOs come to us is because they are just sick and tired of trying to wedge another piece of software into their already crammed business processes. It doesn't matter how good the software is - if it doesn't make my life easier I'm not interested! Well we've taken these complaints on board and did the typical 'engineer thing'. If something doesn't work what can we do to fix it. So we started by identifying the 10 ...

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