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What is a Student Records Management System (SMS)

Over the past 2 decades I’ve learned to anticipate the inevitable question “what’s a Student Management System?” Here’s how I’ve learned to reply without getting into the technical details about: the VET Sector, ASQA, AQTF, AVETMISS, and CRICOS. Years ago everything was planned and tracked on a set of spread sheets and ledgers that you would probably never have seen. These days schools, colleges, universities, and registered training ...

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An end to bitsy SMS software

One of the main reason RTOs come to us is because they are just sick and tired of trying to wedge another piece of software into their already crammed business processes. It doesn't matter how good the software is - if it doesn't make my life easier I'm not interested! Well we've taken these complaints on board and did the typical 'engineer thing'. If something doesn't work what can we do to fix it. So we started by identifying the 10 ...

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