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National VET Conference 2016

  The 2016 National VET Conference will be delivered over two days on the 15-16 September at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre through an exciting range of presentations, providing attendees the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of plenary and elective sessions. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at the National VET Conference. Bluegem is pleased to support the learning goals and the activities at the ...

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Blue gems June 2013

Building a WordPress Website For The First Time Well actually its been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed learning how to use WordPress and was relieved to discover that all those sleepless nights about building a replacement website for the business could be blown away in a single weekend, thanks to the easy to use power of the WordPress / Woo Themes tag team duo. Being able to gaze out of the window onto the green Tuscan hills that surround ...

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RTO Consultant

  Michelle Rogers Oz Training "We are based in the town of Kilmore in the heart of Victoria, we are proud to be a home based business that provides for flexibility in working conditions (why you catch me at home) as well as flexibility for our students.

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