Straight forward easy to use RTO software

Posted by Bruno Cozzi on 04/07/2017
 Straight forward easy to use RTO software
"If you need 'War and Peace' user manuals to understand how our software works, then we've missed the point. Good software is intuitive and fun to use. We like to think we've achieved that. We're confident you'll agree."

 Clear Prompts

Our designers spend time in your shoes, looking at better ways to help you navigate workflows, make decisions, get feedback and identify records on screen. And if the prompts don’t work you always have really quick access to onscreen help, right where you need it.

 Fast Page Loads

Poor performance is one of the main reasons websites earn the name “slow and clunky”. As your database grows there’s more data to load and the web pages will naturally start to slow down. Bluegem optimises your web pages and the database queries to ensure your system runs at optimal speed all the time. We aim to load any page in under 2 seconds.

 Search & Filter

We make it easy for you to find information fast. Our software is well equipped with keyword-search, filter, sort, grouping and paging options, so you can drill down fast to the information you need. With optimised search queries you’ll be able to access, search, export in seconds to create reports and file exports to share the information others need.


You can communicate easily with staff and learners anywhere. Our all in one solution is interactive, collaborative and team-friendly. You don’t have to leave the page or the learner record to send a message. You can also collaborate via email, portal messaging and text messages.

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