Bluegem Sponsors One of the Categories in the AITD 2013 National Training Excellence Awards

Posted by Lynne Cozzi on 11/12/2013

Bluegem Sponsors One of the Categories in the AITD 2013 National Training Excellence Awards

At Bluegem, we are known for BluegemEXPLORE, an AVETMISS compliant student management system for RTO's. What you may not know is that our commitment to student management and learning management systems goes much further than simply being a software vendor.

We strive to be at the forefront of our field. Indeed, BluegemEXPLORE is the only AVETMISS 7 compliant student management system that allows RTO's to seamlessly blend face-to-face and e-learning in a comprehensive and easily-maintained package. Bluegem actively encourages technical advances and innovation in the VET sector because we know that everyone benefits when the industry evolves.

That commitment to advancing our industry is why we are proud to sponsor this award for the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). AITD is the organisation of choice for the preparation, learning and growth of professionals. They were founded in 1971 and their mission is similar to ours: to be a leader in providing innovation, excellence and professional integrity within the coaching, learning, training and development fields.

They are a not-for-profit association that includes facilitators, teachers, instructors, mentors, course coordinators, consultants, educators, trainers, organisational development and human resources professionals, instructional assessors and designers.

They began the National Training Excellence Awards in 2002 to provide recognition for the quality of learning, advancement and organisational development.

The Awards were announced on 17th October, 2013, in Sydney at the Menzies Hotel, during a Gala Dinner. Elizabeth Robinson, CEO of AITD, emphasised that the awards were meant to recognise the innovators, the movers and shakers and the unsung heroes, who go beyond the limits and push the boundaries to achieve the highest standards of professionalism.

AITD had what they called a “record number” of nominees for the 2013 awards. Eight different categories were recognised. We sponsored “Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution.” The others included but were not limited to: Organisational Learning Effectiveness, Excellence in a Learning Resource, Australian Learning Innovation and eLearning Achievement.

We are proud to have sponsored the Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution because that is exactly what we provide with our BluegemEXPLORE software. The award is presented to the AITD member who best demonstrates impact and excellence by combining existing learning and delivery techniques to produce a unique learning initiative or by developing a new learning initiative using a blended approach in the delivery mechanism.

Telstra won the award for the Telstra Retail Induction Program, while the Blow Mold Operator Learning Program of Coca-Cola Amatil got the “Highly Commended” award.

Other finalists were: SingTel Optus for Aspire 2 Brilliance, L&H Group for their On Boarding Program, Hudson for their Open Web Sourcing, Credit Corp Group for their Certificate III Accredited Training Program, Coca-Cola Amatil for the State Supply Planner Capability Program and BTS, Aurecon and the Pacific Institute for
the Aurecon Leadership Development Program.

We are very proud of everyone who was nominated, the finalists and the winner—we would like to congratulate everyone involved for their commitment to excellence.

BluegemEXPLORE is an AVETMISS compliant student and Learning management system that is designed to help RTO's provide a blended learning solution to organisations around the world. We have a vested interest in helping organisations blend e-learning into face-to-face learning to create an optimum learning experience for employees, but it goes further than that for us—it is our mission to ensure that every employee who desires or requires training has access to it.

BluegemEXPLORE is the premier system for providing a blend of face-to-face and e-learning solutions to RTO's and organisations. We call it a holistic student management system, but it can also be called a training management system or a learning management system. Basically, BluegemEXPLORE provides holistic integration of such diverse needs as instructor-led training, e-learning, resource management and compliance reporting to businesses and RTO's.

Not only is BluegemEXPLORE AVETMISS compliant, it also meets the compliance requirements of USI, SCORM, VRQA, SNR, ASQA and RAPT. This helps ensure that your RTO meets all of its regulatory reporting obligations.

In addition, BluegemEXPLORE implements the necessary services for fully documenting training for every employee. Not only does this ensure the completeness of training records, but also provides an auditable trail of evidence to demonstrate RTO or workplace compliance and continuous improvement, leading to a fully trained and qualified workforce with the skills and competences necessary to perform professionally.

We feel that BluegemEXPLORE provides the most cutting-edge solution for training providers. We also feel that our software is the most comprehensive on the market and provides any business with the tools necessary to succeed in competitive business markets.

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